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Writing Hello World Program in HTML

Hello World In HTMLIn this HTML tutorial, I am going to code and explain a simple Hello World program which will show a simple Hello World message on the browser's page. I hope you're aware of browsers. A browser is a software program which is used to display the webpages on the internet. OK, Now, I am going to code your first Hello World program in HTML.

<title>My first webpage!</title>
Hello World!

Let me explain this simple code:

Here, I have used some simple HTML markup tags which tells a browser, how to show a page in a web browser. My first tag is <HTML> which is used to describe that we are going to use HTML. In the <Head> section, we store the data about our website or webpage. In <head> section we can store data like our website description, keywords, author information etc. In the <Title> section, we have to give a title to our HTML webpage which is suitable to describe our webpage. In the <Body> section, all the data which we want to display on a webpage is coded. In the <body> section usually we use some paragraphs, images, lists

How to save a HTML webpage?
Now, After coding you first HTML Hello World program you need to save it. So, How you're going to save your HTML page? Don't have any idea? Let me explain it again. As we are coding our HTML code in a application like Notepad or Wordpad, we need to give a extension to our HTML file so it will be recognize as a HTML page. So, here's comes the point. You have to save your HTML file as fileName.html.

How to open a HTML webpage?
Now, You have coded your first HTML webpage and saved it with a HTML extension.Now you want to know that how can I open my HTML page? There are many software's which are called web browsers in which we can open our HTML webpages. There are many web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape etc. We can use any of them to open our first HTML webpage. Here, I am going to tell you how can you open your HTML page in Internet Explorer.

Here's the steps:
  • Open your Internet Explorer.
  • Click on File menu and choose Open option.
  • Click on Browse to locate your HTML file.
  • Now Click on OK.

Hurray!! You have successfully opened up your first HTML page. Hope you have enjoyed this HTML tutorial. This is the first step towards learning HTML. Learn and Have Fun!

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